Special proposal on the market for the teams and business Clients.

Special proposal on the market for the teams and business Clients.

This project can be interested for a corporate clients, firms, sport and special activity team, military, fireman and police squad and any groups of enthusiasts who consider that our big friend from the paleolithic times- the Axe still stays not only a wide using tool, but the iconic attribute of Human way in the Life and the Business.

 We propose to create in the contact with  you, to produce, to assemble, to finish and to send in your address a batch of Axes with your Unique design.

Also, owners and management of military, firearm, gun, hiking, outdoor activities shop, tourist camp, national parks, campings can be interested in using our service to produce unique tools with firm logos, marks, and any symbols which make your place more recognizable and give your Clients new impressions and memorability.

And, of course, to Electronic Game’s Development companies which are interested in producing merchandise production of armory which are presented in the Games environment.

How it works?

You contact me directly ( andy_support@buddyaxe.com or andy.shapovalof@gmail.com) and describe your idea.

It can be a finished design, sketches, any photos which inspired you or even a word’s description of your wishes or ideas.
We will talk about it, I will think and take consultation with other team’s members and confirm that we are ready to dive into the realization of your project.

The optimal minimal quantity is about 50 axes. In this case the price of one ready-to-use axe will start from $125 (plus $25 for the ordinary size sheath). Shipping to US and European countries cost $20 for one axe and we assist Clients to optimize import taxes with our experience in fully legal variants of shipping.
We are not interested in increasing your expenses, but the price can be corrected if the size and/or complicity of your axes will be extraordinary.

We don’t ask for the full payment from the start of the project.
We ask for 30-50% as the confirmation of project’s starts and other parts when your order will be ready to ship, which will be confirmed by photos.

We have been on the axe market for a long time and about three years have been working for our US and European Clients.

We have the Star Seller status on Etsy with 1460 sales (more than 2000 axes) and 99.8% 5-Star rate according to 444 Client’s Reviews. You can see the screen from our Etsy shop below.

We guarantee that your design will not be used by our team without your permission. You stay the Owner of the copyright.

We guarantee the agreed copyright Owner’s fee from every sold (by our sold channels) item if you and we will be interested to do it.
We will produce an additional bunch of your axes when you need them with a 20% discount, because all design and technological equipment producing works have been done earlier.